The sheer diversity of hardware now available for computing in all fields has presented both users and researchers in industry and academia with a new set of challenges to prepare for the next generation of computing.  EMiT aims to provide a stage for leading researchers from academia and industry to discuss how research and development influences the field of emerging computing technology.

With this in mind a set of guiding themes has been defined:

  1. Device-independent Compilers and High Level Languages
    • Code portability
    • Future proofing code (both research & industry)
    • Programming effort Vs. performance
  2. Low Power and Energy Efficient Computing
    • Hardware, from processor core & interconnect to system and infrastructure
    • Software & programming techniques
    • Measuring, monitoring & management
  3. Advances in Novel Hardware
    • New architectures that advance existing designs
    • Novel hardware designs
  4. Numerical Algorithms
    • Novel algorithmic design
    • Novel use of emerging hardware
    • Novel use of emerging software
  5. Applications
    • Emerging technology in academic applications
    • Emerging technology in novel industrial applications
    • Porting & optimisation techniques for new and novel platforms

We invite delegates to present on the above topics and push their development and discussion.